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Sprint to launch pay as you go service with four handsets, all you can eat plans from $70


Want a bit of Sprint, without signing on the dotted line? Okay, there are other ways of riding its waves without committing to a contract, but starting on the 25th of this month you'll be able to do it in the network's very own colors. The "Sprint as you go" service will launch with a somewhat limited selection of four handsets. LG's Optimus Elite, and the Samsung Victory make up the "higher" end of the offerings, costing $149 and $249 respectively. If you want to keep a little more coin in your pocket, there are two feature phones available too: Samsung's M400 ($50) and Array ($79) models. There are two associated plans, an all you can eat (talk, text and data) for smartphone option (no talk of LTE just yet) for $70 per month, and $50 per month for the feature phone plan. The finer details are yet to be ironed out, so we'll have to wait until the official reveal, but with that launch date not too far around the corner, it should all become clear soon enough.

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