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Terry Cavanagh halts development on Nexus City and Selma's Story


Terry Cavanagh, the developer behind VVVVVV and Super Hexagon, has scrapped two projects he's been working on for two years, Nexus City and its spin-off, Selma's Story. Cavanagh began working Nexus City with writer Jonas Kyratzes in 2010, and from humble beginnings it spun out of control, until it began getting in the way of other projects, Cavanagh writes.

"Promising games would come along, and I'd stop myself from getting too deep into them, because I had to finish Nexus City first," he says. "Everything became a big ordered list of what I could work on and when, how long I could spend on it. It's only when a project like Super Hexagon came along, and forced itself on me – became too much to ignore, that I was able to turn that part of my head off. And I could do it, but even then I constantly had that pressure – when this is done, I need to get back to Nexus City.

"I don't think that's creatively healthy."

With the weight of Nexus City and Selma's Story off his mind and a fairly successful year of development under his belt, Cavanagh plans to start 2013 with some time off. He's "very excited" about that, and we plan to live vicariously through him as he walks the beaches of Waikiki, plays the slots, or whatever people do while on vacation.

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