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TradeChat on Patch 5.2's changes


In a video released last night, mere moments before patch 5.2's PTR went live, Panser sums up all the best bits that can be found in the PTR, drawing from the full current notes that WoW Insider recently published.

Among Panser's highlights were the following:
  • The new daily quest hub, the isle of the Thunder King, will bring new quest lines, including dailies, quests that focus on either PvP or PvE, along with events and access to the mysterious "Treasure Room".
  • Two new world bosses are added, Nalak the Storm Lord only being available after the defeat of Lei Shen, and Oondasta. These world bosses tap to faction.
  • Pet Battle Changes: bandages stack to 25 and bind on account. PvP pet battle victories can award pet battle stones, and XP and lesser charms can be awarded from wins in PvP or PvE pet battles, depending on level.
  • New pets on the Isle of Lightning, from wild pet battles, even from raid drops. Elite pet battles will take on your entire team, and defeating them will award an adorable red panda cub!
  • New mounts, including a Spectral Charger, a Triceratops and Pterodactyl
  • New hearthstone item called a Dark Portal
  • Heirlooms will scale to 85.
  • Darkmoon top hat offers 10% increased XP and reputation gain.
If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to head over to Panser's channel and subscribe, and check back for her weekly recaps every Friday.

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