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Apple is not buying Waze

You know how TechCrunch reported a few days ago that Apple is buying Waze to beef up its Maps app? Yeah, that's not happening. And it never was.

As several other sites did, we reported on TechCrunch's news, too. But to be fair, our Steve Sande warned readers: "Neither Apple nor Waze has said anything solid about a deal at this point, so like many 'news' items that we're hearing these days before CES and Macworld/iWorld, it's simply a rumor."

If you missed the story, on January 2nd TechCrunch -- citing its own sources -- said that an Apple/Waze deal was in advanced negotiations. TC's Mike Butcher wrote: "Another source confirms that negotiations are advanced, but Waze wants $750M and Apple is willing to do $400M plus $100m in incentives. Waze had less than $1M in revenues last year (primarily from ads). Negotiations may take awhile."

Yesterday, however, TC's MG Siegler wrote a follow up post saying the deal wasn't happening (again, citing TC's sources close to the situation). He went on to say that that doesn't mean talks were never taking place, however, and hinted that the news could have been due to someone trying to manipulate a deal: "What about deal manipulation? Couldn't this just be one interested party trying to drive down (or up) the price? Always possible, but that's why you get multiple sources."

Then late last night, CNET came out and said that the news of any such deal was "completely fabricated." Citing "a source familiar with Apple's thinking" CNET reported that any claims Waze would be acquired by Apple were simply made up and their source went on to say that Apple had "no plans to acquire Waze, and discussions are currently not being held between the companies."

So there you go folks. As far as anyone now knows, the news was complete BS. Move along.

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