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    Daily iPhone App: Obstacles XRT lets you dodge falling trees as part of your exercise routine


    Are you looking for a new fitness routine that you can do at home or while traveling? Tired of the same boring treadmill or exercise bike? If you answered yes to one or both of those questions, then you should download Obstacles XRT – Extreme Reality Training. Obstacles XRT is a guided fitness app that you can do in any room, without any extra equipment. It has an obstacle course theme that'll have you running through tires and dodging falling trees.

    When the app launches for the first time, you are prompted to fill in a fitness profile that'll calculate the amount of calories you burn. You can then select the course that you want to complete. Obstacles XRT includes three levels of courses that'll meet the needs of the beginner, intermediate or advanced user. The more advanced routines are longer and feature activities that force you to get more physical with your routine. Each level includes three courses, so you are not always doing the same exercises over and over.

    Each course includes a two-minute warm-up followed by a minimum 20-minute workout. The workout mixes a 30-second activity with a 30-second rest period in which you walk or jog lightly. Each activity features a different obstacle and keeps you on your toes. You will be jumping from tree trunks to tree trunks and climbing virtual walls as you complete the course.

    Obstacles XRT uses videos of a fitness instructor to guide you through your chosen course. The instructor talks you through the routine and shows you how to perform each activity. Unlike some fitness videos you see on TV, the videos in Obstacles XRT are helpful and not over the top.

    Obstacles XRT is a nice change from just running on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike. It's not as intense as going to the gym and joining a spinning class, but it'll help keep you fit when you can't get to the gym because you are traveling or snowed in by a winter storm. It's also suitable for beginners who will appreciate the different routines and the obstacle course theme that keeps the workout fresh.

    Obstacles XRT is available for US$1.99 from the iOS App Store. It's on sale for a limited time, down from its normal $2.99 price tag.

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