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Friday Favorite: Exif Everywhere reveals the data that's hidden in photos


Everyone enjoys a good photography-driven website, but folks with a technical eye can't look at an image without wondering what camera took that shot, what settings were used and where it was taken. Exif Everywhere from MyLove Company is a browser extension and desktop app that provides those details and more.

Exif Everywhere operates either as a standalone desktop app or a browser extension in Firefox, Safari or Chrome. When browsing, all you have to do is place your cursor over an image and hit the Control key to reveal the EXIF data in another window. It worked with most websites that I tested. The biggest exceptions were the photo hosting websites like Flickr and SmugMug, which hide that information from the browser.

The browser extension also shows different information depending on how images were processed. Some images had their EXIF data stripped during post-production and Exif Everywhere showed only the dimensions, file format and the app used in processing. Other images, uploaded with minimal processing, were filled with details like the f-stop, exposure time and the ISO.

The OS X app is similar to the browser extension in that it shows you all the EXIF data contained in a photo. These details mirror the information you can see when you select "Get Info" from the contextual menu in Finder. Exif Everywhere not only shows the EXIF information; it also allows you to strip it from your images. With a simple click of a button, you can remove either the EXIF data or the GPS data from your photos. There's no bulk tool built into the app, so you will have strip your photo library one image at a time.

Exif Everywhere is a handy utility for users who want to find out more about the images they see on the web or have stored on their hard drive. The app is packaged into a standalone OS X app that is installed separately from the browser extensions. This is useful as customers have the option to install one or both tools.

Exif Everywhere is available for US$14.99. You can download it from the app's website or from the Mac App Store. There's also a 20-day free trial so you can try it, before you buy it.

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