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Machinarium plushie now available for pre-order

Jordan Mallory

Machinarium may be over three years old at this point, but that doesn't mean that the adorability factor of its squat robotic protagonist has diminished in the interim since its release in October of 2009. In fact, we'd go so far as to say that the little guy has appreciated in cuteness since then, and will continue to do so.

Case in point, this 10-inch tall stuffed version of Josef, which is now available for pre-order from developer Amanita Design. The toy is hand-made in Lipník nad Bečvou and costs $30, including shipping. You can even store useful items you find around the real world inside of Josef's robot body, just like in Machinarium. Delivery is expected "within 5 weeks," but you can get a better look right now in the gallery below.

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