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Breakfast Topic: The swag we wish for


The best thing about BlizzCon and even the Blizzard Store is that you get to pick up some awesome swag. I'm not even talking about the games themselves, though we're obviously all fans of those. Whether you want to hang Karazhan posters on your wall (and who doesn't?) or rock a Paladin-bubble beach ball (it's still funny), Blizzard offers us loyal devotees some cool stuff to buy.

But my heart yearns for more. I'd like a canvas messenger bag with a tasteful Diablo logo... or maybe an executive portfolio with an Alliance medallion. And, yes, maybe I even want a set of those family decals for the back of my car, but with gnomes and goblins instead of just generic Mom, Dad, and kid silhouettes.

It's not that the current offering isn't good. It's even relevant to the wide breadth of the player base, which is a fairly big deal. But I can still hope to see the choices grow wider. What WoW stuff do you quietly hope to see happen? What is the swag you ask Santa for every year?

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