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SilentFuture retools Earthrise's network layer, GUI, and gameplay

Jef Reahard

So Earthrise is officially a thing. Again. The sci-fi sandbox initially launched early in 2011, and at the time, we thought it needed quite a bit of work.

Two years later, quite a bit of work has apparently happened, as the game's new publisher is gearing up for a reboot and stage one of its alpha test. SilentFuture says that it focused on fundamentals while retooling the game. Specifically, "a new network layer was implemented," and the original Flash-based GUI was replaced with a customizable HTML5 version.

The firm is also "focusing [on] the RPG factor with third-person fast-paced action combat" that is "more cooperative and shooter-like." Finally, the business model is now fully free-to-play and funded by microtransactions that allow for personalization without "affecting the gameplay."

There's no launch date yet, but you can sign up for an alpha/beta tester position at the game's official website.

[Source: SilentFuture press release]

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