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Amped Wireless 2013-era super-range WiFi gear unveiled at CES


Amped Wireless is famous for its super-strength WiFi gear, which can stretch internet over huge distances and through houses where no other internet signal dares to tread. We've spent the last few minutes taking a look at the hardware it'll be putting out over the next few months and if you come with us after the break, we'll talk you through the new range -- including a few sneak peeks into what it's going to be putting out in the future as well as pricing information.

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Looking at the two newest flagships, the RTA15 and SB2000, it's clear that the company has put a lot of time and effort in improving the look and feel of its hardware. Gone are the more utilitarian boxes from last year's lineup, replaced by angular boxes covered with a translucent plastic that you wouldn't mind leaving out to be visible on the side. The duo will be making their way into stores in April and both are priced at $200.

We also spent a little time trying out the TAN1 WiFi adapter for Windows 8 devices. A detachable clip will let you jam the unit onto the lid of your computer, but can also be detached and left on the side if you're working on a desktop. The hardware is surprisingly light and slender, looking more like a finger of chocolate than a piece of high-powered networking gear. It connects over microUSB and a Y cable lets you plug it into two USB 3.0 ports at the same time for an extra power boost.

Amped is also showing off a trio of networking products that have yet to be announced, including the REC10 WiFi Range Extender, a Wall Socket adapter with a 600mw amplifier which'll be going on sale in late February and will be priced at $70. It's also working on a signal boosting antenna that you can connect to any of the company's other products. Hook it up with its long extension cable and it'll pull through 802.11 a/b/g/n or ac transmissions. It has a magnetic base and has a separate AC adapter, enabling you to put it in an area of weak signal for an instant boost.

Finally, Amped's Powerline Nano AV500 is its most challenging product yet, as it's never made a foray into power line Ethernet adapters. CEO Jason Owen said that the company hadn't planned to make one, but customers with impossibly thick concrete walls kept badgering the company for a solution. Holding it in the hand, the pair of plugs are impressively light pieces of kit -- even moreso when you remember that Amped has no experience in this area. This, too, will make its way to stores in mid-February and a pair of two will set you back $100.

Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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