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Del Toro in Insane talks with 'very, very big company'


Though THQ is no longer producing Insane, Guillermo del Toro's game continues its slow progress toward existence. Another publisher has shown interest in the game, the intellectual property of which was returned to del Toro after THQ dropped the project.

"We are in talks with a very, very big company. I can't say who, but it's one of the big ones," del Toro told the Toronto Sun. "They really responded to the game, they responded to what we were trying."

The publisher isn't the only part of the project undergoing changes. "Some of the devices of the game I need to update, because now I've seen them in other games that just came out," del Toro said. "That always happens. But the principle we're trying to do with the game is to make it a really immersive narrative experience. It's still a really challenging proposal."

Now, what game overlapped with Insane's planned systems? We're guessing Style Savvy: Trendsetters.

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