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BlueAnt announces Q3 Bluetooth headset


BlueAnt offers up its 3rd iteration of the Q-series of bluetooth headsets at CES 2013: say hello to the BlueAnt Q3. Packed in the new Q3's curvier shell are all the niceties of a modern Bluetooth headset including Siri support, Google Voice actions -- using free downloadable app -- wind noise protection up to 22mph, wideband audio and the promise of 7 hours talk and 100 hours standby time. Like the Q1 and Q2 before it, the Q3 will launch shortly after its launch here at CES but unlike them the introductory price of the headset will be $30 less at $99. Look for the BlueAnt Q3 to begin shipping in either black or platinum in March this year.

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Premium Bluetooth earpiece with wideband audio that gives users rich, booming sound is the perfect
companion for your smartphone or tablet

CHICAGO (January 8, 2013) – Creating a whirl of excitement at CES
2013, BlueAnt Wireless unveils the Q3, a premium smartphone earpiece
featuring the latest Bluetooth technology and wideband audio delivering
rich, booming sound. Available in black or platinum, the Q3 is ultra sleek
and as stylish as it is functional, with its ergonomic design and rocker back
volume control.

The Q3 headset allows iPhone users to execute all things available through
Siri, such as composing text messages. For Android users, BlueAnt delivers a free downloadable
application that reads back text messages and the user can utilize Google Voice Actions from a simple
double tap. This is ideal for multi-taskers looking for a hands-free way to access all their smartphone or
tablet has to offer.

"The Q3 leads the revolution in wideband audio and has the style to match any occasion," said BlueAnt
CEO Geoff Wanless. "In addition to updating the original Q2 features, we've incorporated some new
functionality, including a brand new conference mode that allows up to four users to remain on a
call simultaneously and three way calling. We also increased the talk time to up to seven hours."

With its Voice Isolation Technology, noise and wind are reduced, enabling quality audio in the noisiest
environments. The patented Wind Armour Technology™ ensures crystal clear communication in wind
speeds of up to 22 miles per hour. The dual microphones and advanced DSP delivers terrific-sounding
audio tuned for discerning ears.

Additional features of the Q3 include:
• Streaming Bluetooth audio via A2DP for listening to music, podcasts or GPS directions
• Announced names of incoming callers (one of the only earpieces on the market to do so)
• "Answer" or "ignore" commands to handle calls
• Simple intuitive one touch controls
• iPhone onscreen battery meter
• Smartphone battery notification
• Mulitpoint connectivity for connecting two phones at once
• Talk time of up to 7 hours with a standby time of up to 100 hours

The BlueAnt Q3 (MSRP $99) is available in Black and Platinum finishes at leading retailers beginning
March 2013.

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