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Crysis 3 is not coming to the Wii U, for real this time


We mean it – Crysis 3 is definitely not coming to the Wii U, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli tells Digital Spy. In July Crytek hinted that a Wii U version of Crysis 3 was a possibility, but even that slim chance has since vanished.

"There has been discussions between Nintendo and EA and Crytek, but the bottom line is that there is that there's not enough business drive in it," Yerli says. "It's a business decision between EA and Nintendo. If that business decision doesn't make sense, or seems to not make sense for them, it's... not possible for us to make it. We can't publish ourselves, and that's the bottom line."

In August, Crytek general manager Nick Button-Brown had the opportunity to put down any Wii U rumors, but he hedged his phrasing, saying Crytek wasn't "currently" developing for Wii U. But if EA doesn't see money in the Wii U, that's the final nail in Crysis 3's touchscreen, NFC-enabled coffin.

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