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Fisher-Price Create and Learn Case hands-on (video)


When you think high-tech, you don't necessarily think kids. But as any parent who owns an iPad can tell you, that tablet is fast-becoming a pricey toy (or distraction). Which is why Fisher-Price has crafted the Create and Learn Case which, itself, is no great slice of cutting edge tech. In fact, it's a rather dumb case, seeing as how it merely offers a kid-friendly holster for that iPad. Download the company's free companion app and you have a recreational learning tool for children that separates its programs across three categories: create, learn and explore. Those first two offer different activities encompassing free drawing and letter learning. But the most exciting element of the case is the pack of 13 double-sided augmented reality cards tucked away in its back. Using the rear camera, kids can select cards to display 3D interactive models, obviously geared towards education. And for a more precise input option, the case also features a tethered stylus, which can be mapped to the left or right sides. The Create and Learn Case is targeted for a fall release and should hit the market at $40 in two colors.

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Sarah Silbert contributed to this report.

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