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Fitbit introduces Flex wristband at CES 2013


Fitbit is one of the oldest names in fitness tracking these days, though given how new the industry actually is, the company's not really that old at all. But they have been around for a few years now, and this year at CES, the company introduced one more addition to its line of motion-based trackers.

The Fitbit Flex is a wristband-style tracker (similar to the popular Nike FuelBand) that's designed to sit up near the higher end of the Fitbit line. At US$99.95, it's not very cheap, but Fitbit obviously wants this to be one of their most popular of trackers, making it easy to strap to your wrist, and from there track all sorts of stats, including steps taken, calories burned, time active, and even sleep time and quality.

The Flex comes in five different colors, and each one has five different LED lights that are designed to let you know how close you are to your goal for the day, whatever that is. The device looks very smooth, and while the $99.95 price might be a tougher sell for those not yet on board the fitness tracker train, it definitely gives Fitbit one more excellent option in a market that's quickly filling up.

Our good friends over at Engadget have more on the device, including a full gallery and a video with hands-on footage. The Flex is coming later on this spring, though you can pre-order it from Fitbit starting right now.

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