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iSmartAlarm uses a WiFi camera and iPhone app to warn you of potential burglars


iSmartAlarm is a home security alarm, but not the kind that uses a shrill sound to send burglars scrambling. The alarm system, currently a project on Indiegogo, is a $79 WiFi camera that sends alerts to a corresponding iPhone app. Essentially, when the camera detects someone in the home, it will send a notice to your phone in the form of a text, email or phone call. The camera itself has a series of LED lights around the lens, so it will still work even if you've turned off all the lights. Once you do get an alert you can dig into the app itself, where you can see a screenshot of the potential culprit, and choose to either ignore the alert or dial 911. For now, the app is for iOS only, though a company rep told us an Android version is in the works. Until then, check out our hands-on photos below and a quickie demo video after the break.

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Steve Dent contributed to this report.

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