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Samsung debuts NFC-Bluetooth DA F60 speaker set, even charges your phone (hands-on)


While staring at all those HDTVs, we bumped into Samsung's latest addition to its audio family. Alongside a Bluetooth-connected sound bar with a built-in vacuum tube, the electronics company introduced its DA F60 Bluetooth speaker set. Alas, as is the case with a lot of Samsung goods on show here at CES, there's no mention of pricing, release dates or even regions, but it packs a decent amount of functionality. Along the left edge, there's an NFC plate that connects to compatible smartphones, allowing you to transfer audio from either the music player or other third-party apps to the speaker. On the right side, there's a volume dial and buttons to enable Bluetooth signal, a power button and what appears to be a bass-boost option.

Under its own steam, the portable speaker has enough for 8 hours of "standard use", and at the pack there's a port for AC power as well as an extra USB port to charge your phone (or anything else that can be topped up through USB). Another nice touch is that the speaker will wake up from standby when you tap your NFC smartphone to it. If needed, you can even pipe your Samsung TV's audio through its SoundShare feature. Unfortunately the madness of the show floor meant we can't vouch for the audio quality just yet, but you can take a closer look in our hands-on video, coming soon.

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Billy Steele contributed to this report.

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