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SuperTooth Disco Twin hands-on


SuperTooth's Disco Twin is a pint-shaped pair of Bluetooth boomboxes that promise up to 10 hours of battery life if you aren't turning up the sound up to 11. While the company had originally promised that its Disco 2 speaker would have A2DP technology that would allow two speakers to co-ordinate instant stereo -- it couldn't make good on its claims. That's why it's outed the Disco Twin, which offers a pair of speakers with the necessary hardware (the left-sided speaker is the master) with 16 watts of RMS power coming from each unit.

The Disco Twin's hardware feels as if it could take a pounding, at the cost of the pair being heavier than you may expect. You could also rip the cloth covering that surrounds the unit if you're not careful, but beyond that, even at maximum volume, sound is clear and is big enough to fill the colossal Lafite Ballroom at the Wynn Hotel here in Las Vegas. The company has sent off samples to distributors, and so expects the product to go on general sale by February.

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Dana Murph contributed to this report.

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