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Infographic offers noobs a summary of the US MMO industry

MJ Guthrie

What is an MMO? If you are reading this, chances are you can already answer that! But there are still poor souls out there who can't, folks who scratch their heads and look at you quizzically when you discuss your latest pwnage. So in an effort to enlighten the uninitiated, PoetCode, the creator of Dynasty of the Magi (an app combining a MMO with an ongoing eBook series), has put together an interesting infographic to help explain MMOs at a glance.

With a mini lexicon, a code of conduct, and even a list of ingredients for making your own MMO mingled among statistics, the partly tongue-in-cheek collection offers gamers and non-gamers alike a look at the industry in the US. What percentage of gamers is male vs. female? And what age group dominates the playerbase? Both of these questions and more can be answered in the full infographic after the break. Check it out, then tell us in the comments below what you think of the various points. Do you agree?

[Source PoetCode infographic]

Click the image to see the full-res graphic. It's been updated as of the afternoon of January 9th to reflect an error in the original image.

Infographic offers noobs a summary of the US MMO industry

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