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iOS privacy sleuth Clueful returns as a web app

After having been yanked from the App Store by Apple in July, an app called Clueful has found a second chance at life on the web. Created by Bitdefender, the app was designed to present a searchable database of other iOS apps and information on what ways they share your personal data. Neither Apple nor Bitdefender ever explained the app's exorcism but it appears that the latter still believes there's some usefulness to the concept.

Like with the iOS-native original, the web-based Clueful lets you look up any iOS app and see how it shares user data, from sending your UDID to its developer to silently tracking your location. The web app also lets you see the current top free apps, biggest privacy offenders and apps most recently analyzed by Bitdefender for privacy incursions.

Clueful's web-based interface is built to look like an iOS app running on an actual iPhone. The site looks and sounds like it's built to promote an actual iOS app, which has us wondering if Clueful for iOS is on the verge of a return to the App Store, with this site merely serving to demo its functionality. We'll keep you posted if it does resurface.

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