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Marvel Heroes introduces Founders Program in preparation of spring 2013 launch

MJ Guthrie

Superhero fans have another reason to look forward to the end of winter besides a break from the cold and snow: Come spring, they will be able to to adventure as their favorite caped -- or non-caped -- crusaders in the free-to-play action RPG Marvel Heroes. To help fans get ready for the upcoming launch, Gazillion Entertainment has announced a program offering players special limited-edition packs that include unique costumes, access to favorite heroes, early game access, and even in-game currency to buy more once the game releases.

This Founders Program offers three tiers for purchase. Fans can choose the starter pack with one hero of their choice for $19.99 USD, the premium pack with a team of four preselected heroes for $59.99, or the ultimate pack that includes all heroes and all costumes for $199.99. Each pack also includes XP boosts, item-find boosts, in-game currency, and early access time, although the specific amounts vary per tier.

For more details and a look at all the different costumes available, including newly announced outfits and exclusive ones, check out the gallery below.

[Source: Gazillion Entertainment press release]

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