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Robotex Avatar for Home and Office eyes-on


Unless you have loads of cash at your disposal or work for the federal government, chances are you haven't heard of Robotex. The start-up, featured here at CES 2013's Eureka Alley, specializes in creating automated solutions for a variety of security applications (think: SWAT busts, radiation level monitoring, etc.). Traditionally, these high-end robotic solutions carry a price tag in the tens of thousands, but starting this week, Robotex is targeting the consumer market with its Avatar. Set to retail for $299, the blue tank-like bot links up with iOS devices (an Android version's coming in Q1) via USB to communicate with a companion app over Bluetooth 4.0 for remote monitoring. In its current incarnation, the Avatar doesn't do much apart from offering telepresence -- authenticated by the company's servers -- but the robot has been designed to be open source. To that end an SDK and HDK will be made available allowing tinkerers to craft up their own innovations. Unfortunately, due to the abundance of wireless signals here at the show, Robotex's reps weren't able to get the Avatar up and moving around the floor. But in a typical home environment, users should expect to get up to an hour and a half of "driving" time out of the robot. There's no video of the Avatar in action, so instead, check out the gallery below.

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