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SOE implementing dynamic XP in PlanetSide 2

Jef Reahard

PlanetSide Universe has the details on SOE creative director Matt Higby's latest information dump. Higby says plenty of changes are in store for this month's PlanetSide 2 patch, chief among them some significant tweaks to the game's experience system.

In a nutshell, players who have more kills will be worth more XP, and newly spawned players "will be worth a fraction of the current kill reward." You'll also get partial XP for damaging vehicles even if they aren't ultimately destroyed.

SOE will also be making server transfer tokens available in PS2's item shop, gifting each empire with a new SMG weapon, and adding player configurable colors and indicators to the game's minimap. That's not all, either, but you'll have to hit the source link below for the full list of changes.

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