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Capcom Arcade Cabinet confirmed for the west

Jordan Mallory

Capcom's forthcoming Capcom Arcade Cabinet platform for XBLA and PSN is officially coming stateside, the company has just announced. While further details regarding pricing, release dates and the platform's complete catalogue of games are being withheld until February 7, Capcom did confirm that Black Tiger will be part of the US release, as it is in Japan.

Assuming that Capcom Arcade Cabinet's business model for the states is the same as it is in Japan, however, there are some inferences that we can make. The XBLA/PSN app itself will likely be free and include one game (probably Black Tiger), though that hasn't been officially announced as of yet. As far as games that aren't Black Tiger, we're assuming they'll either be sold individually or in packs, but we won't know for sure until February.

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