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CD Projekt RED talks tentative Cyberpunk 2077 launch window, 'other project' in secret message

Jordan Mallory

If there are two things we love around the Joystiq office, it's clandestine communication techniques and robot ladies with big praying mantis-style arm blades. Obviously, we were chuffed to bits when Cyberpunk 2077's ultra-stylized teaser trailer gave us a big ol' dose of the latter, but it turns the former was in there as well, waiting to chuff our bits even further.

A single frame at the end of the trailer contains a message from developer CD Projekt, which states that the game's release date is "currently scheduled way off in 2015, but in truth the delivery date is more like 'when it's done,'" which was the "date" officially given in the trailer.

The missive goes on to say that CD Projekt's "other project," which is also a "fully open-world game with an intense story," is much closer to completion and that further information will be delivered on Tuesday, February 5. Here's hoping said information is contained within a floppy disk buried in a secret location that can only be discovered by dialing into a BBS, whose number can only be found by decoding the hexagon string written in Morse code on a scroll strapped to the leg of a pigeon. But which pigeon?!

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