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The Engadget Interview: CEO Frederic Rose explains Technicolor's Qeo connection


When even your fellow tech editors ask "Why are you interviewing Technicolor?", you know there's a wide disconnect between the perception of a company and what it actually does. But the firm best known for saturating hues into early films like the Wizard of Oz has branched into a wide range of technical niches that only loosely connect with its original pursuit, thanks to the company's acquisition by Thomson. Products now include set-top boxes, home networking, mobile TV and a huge portfolio of technical patents -- the company controls licensing of the MP3 codec, for instance. It's now trying to address a problem that's plagued the gadget industry for quite awhile now: how to get devices from disparate ecosystems working together to make gadget-using connected and seamless.

To that end, Technicolor has developed Qeo, a software system designed to allow TVs, handheld devices, intercom systems and appliances to all have one big confab. The company's CEO, Frederic Rose, took the time to explain how it works, and we went eyes-on in another video to show how a connected home using the technology might work. Considering that it shows devices using a variety of standards and operating systems all working to serve you, it's pretty impressive -- go after the break to check them both out.

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