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Microsoft UK names new studio 'Lift London,' shuffles executives

Jordan Mallory

Originally announced sans moniker back in September, Microsoft UK's new London-based studio now has something to put on its letterhead: "Lift London."

Helmed by former Rare production designer Lee Schuneman, Lift London is a "21st century studio – not a studio that would make retail games – but a studio that would make games for the cloud," says Microsoft EMEA corporate vice president Phil Harrison, according to Develop. As announced previously, Lift London will primarily focus on developing games for connected mobile Microsoft devices in European territories, with an emphasis on tablet gaming.

Harrison also announced that Rare studio boss Scott Henson will begin calling various shots as Lionhead Studios' new head of operations, permanently replacing the long gone Peter Molyneux. Until now, Lionhead has been the purview of COO Mark Webley. Additionally, former EA Partners/Origin senior director of business development Roger Walkden has been appointed as Lionhead's head of staff, presumably after several hundred puns were made out of his last name.

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