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Tomb Raider 360 controller is rough, tumble, rumbles

Jordan Mallory

You know how they make those designer jeans that look like you've owned 'em for 30 years, despite being brand new and insanely expensive? Well, this is like that, but for an Xbox 360.

Launching in March, the official Tomb Raider Limited Edition Wireless Controller will cost $60 and come bundled with a code for exclusive character DLC; a hooded, goggled archer that can be seen in the video above. The controller itself features multiple layers of paint and laser etching, so not only does it look beat to hell but it'll feel that way too.

As per usual with special edition Xbox 360 pads, it's also equipped with one of those nifty transforming D-pads, though whether the D-pad has been artificially aged like a too-expensive guitar replica is unknown.

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