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Walking Dead FPS shambling onto Wii U, gnaws on Europe March 29 [update: NA Mar. 26]


Update: Activision tells us the North American release date is March 26.

First-person shooter The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is creeping onto Wii U as well as PS3, Xbox 360, and PC when it's released in Europe on March 29. Speaking to Digital Spy, producer Glenn Gamble confirmed the game is headed onto Nintendo's new platform, along with the European release date. A North American arrival remains limited to a '2013' window. We've reached out to publisher Activision for more details.

Gamble said developer Terminal Reality wanted to "augment" the game on Wii U rather than alter it. That augmentation comes via "more streamlined" inventory management on the GamePad.

"We didn't want to change the game," said Gamble, "because the game had already been established, so we tried to say 'What can we augment with the Wii U version?' That's where it's basically a more elegant inventory management system. With the Wii U you have access to your backpack at all times, so you can tag what weapons you want, you can drop stuff. It's a lot more streamlined."

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