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Walking Dead XBLM codes being given to players with disc version issues


Telltale Games is issuing The Walking Dead XBLM codes to players affected by the Xbox 360 retail version's "severe hitching." Posting on Telltale's forums, the developer narrowed down issues of "unacceptable freezing or stuttering" to those playing the disc version on a 4GB Xbox 360 with no internal hard drive. The post notes acquiring an internal hard drive resolves the issues, but goes on to say Telltale is giving XBLM codes to those who cannot acquire a hard drive, as long as they supply proof of purchase.

The other major issue which cropped up last month saw some players unable to start episodes after the first one; upon trying to load Episode 2, for example, they'd find themselves restarting Episode 1. In another forum post, Telltale says it's submitted a remedying patch to Microsoft which, once approved, is being made available as a title update. The post doesn't note when the update is expected to be available. In the meantime, Telltale suggests how players can confront two different variations of the issue.

For those who have online-enabled Xbox Live accounts and are playing the retail version, Telltale says playing the game while connected to Live should remedy the problem. While Telltale doesn't have a guaranteed workaround for the "rare" variation in which save data can be overwritten, the developer notes some users had success with recovering affected save files by copying them across from Slot 1 to Slot 3. This apparently leaves you at the start of the episode you were last playing, but with all previous choices still saved.

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