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Windows RT Jailbreak tool is out, makes running unsigned code a pushbutton affair


As is the way of such things, just days after one coder figured out a way around Microsoft's Windows RT controls another individual has created an easy-to-use tool based on the example. Posted by netham45 on XDA-Developers, the RT Jailbreak tool needs only to be loaded and run on the tablet (wait a minute or two after booting up), without any need for the user to poke around in the Windows kernel themselves. Also of note is that this is a tethered solution, since it will need to be reapplied each time the machine is rebooted. Now that the barrier to entry has been significantly lowered, the particularly brave and/or foolhardy Windows RT user can give it a shot by clicking the source link and following the directions there -- that should include reading the associated FAQ to understand some of the risks involved.

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