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Drexel University intros MacBook Pro vending machine


Drexel University in Philadelphia has created a solution for students who need to use a computer on campus but don't have immediate access to one of their own: A free MacBook vending machine. Ok, so it's not exactly a vending machine, and the computers are only loaned to the students for free 5-hour intervals, but it's still a rather interesting system.

The kiosk scans each student's ID before allowing them to take one of the dozen 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks from its stock. The computers can be used for a total of five hours at no charge, with each additional hour costing $5. The MacBooks are equipped with security sensors to ensure they don't go missing. If the program proves beneficial for students, the university is considering adding iPad kiosks as well. Where were these when I was in college?

[Via: Gizmodo]

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