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Minecraft-like builder The Blockheads arrives from Majic Jungle

Majic Jungle Software, the developer behind Chopper 2 for iOS and Mac, has released its latest game at last. The Blockheads (free) is a "2.5D" take on the exploration and building formula of Minecraft, offering a large block-based world but presenting it from a side-on view rather than a first-person perspective. Unlike the similar Junk Jack, however, The Blockheads still uses polygons to render the game world.

The gameplay should be familiar to anyone who's played Minecraft. You hack away at resources to gather them, then combine them to craft new materials in order to build shelter, clothing, tools and more. While the game is free, there are in-app purchases in the form of time crystals that can be used to speed up the collection of resources. There's also a one-time in-app purchase that can be used to permanently reduce the amount of time required to gather things.

The Blockheads seems perfectly suited to touch devices, and in fact, may play even better than its inspiration because it doesn't require 3D movement. It runs in portrait mode on the iPhone and iPod touch, making it playable with one hand. On the iPad, it's full screen in landscape orientation, making the most of the tablet screen. Two players can collaborate within the same world via Game Center, and the game supports voice chat.

If you've given The Blockheads a shot, share your thoughts -- or even drop a link to a favorite screenshot -- in the comments!

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