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Tractive uses GPS to track your pets


Most dogs and outdoor cats like to wander when they are left outside. Cats, especially, will disappear for the day on some adventure in your neighborhood. If you are concerned or curious about their travels, an upcoming product called Tractive will let you see where they go when they meander

The device is a small GPS module that attaches to your pet's collar. It has a cellular radio that sends location data from the module to Tractive's servers. Owners can then track their pets in real time using a web app or an iOS app. As shown on their website, the iOS app will include a trace feature that allows users to plot their pets entire route.

Tractive is an Austrian-based company and its pet-tracking product uses a GSM radio to transmit location data. It'll debut in a handful of European countries when it starts shipping in March 2013. In those areas where it is available, customers will pay for the service and Tractive will pay for all cellular data fees. The Tractive module will cost €249 (US$330) and service plans will start at €4.99 ($6.60) per month

Customers in the US who are in the market for a similar product should look at Tagg, a GPS-based pet tracking service that runs on Verizon Wireless' CDMA network.

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