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J.P. Morgan reduces Zynga ownership to less than one percent

Jordan Mallory

Multinational banking conglom-o J.P. Morgan has reduced the amount of Zynga stock in its possession from 6.7 million shares to 2.6 million, All Things D reports. This represents a shift in its ownership of the developer/publisher from 6.7 percent to less than half of one percent, with the whole of its Zynga stock currently worth $6.73 million, based on Friday's closing value of $2.59 per share.

When J.P. Morgan actually sold 4.1 million of its shares is unclear, as the last official announcement regarding the scope of its investment in Zynga was released in January of last year. By extension, the price that J.P. Morgan received per share is also unknown.

In just the last few months, Zynga has shut down 11 games and closed studios in Japan and Boston, among other various events that haven't boded especially well for the value of its stock. J.P. Morgan's reduced ownership isn't a particularly strong vote of confidence either, though trading was up last week due to Zynga's hawkish acquisition of online gambling patents.

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