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Breakfast Topic: The fine art of paying attention


It's a cycle as old as time. (Or, at least, as old as the game.) Content comes out. It's difficult as first. Then it gets manageable. And then it's... not so bad. Then it's easy. Then it becomes so mindnumbingly repetitive and boring that it feels like dental surgery.

But you have to do it. For points, for guildies, for alts, you have to go into that heroic one more time. But you can't pay attention anymore. You could heal through this boss, or tank this trash, with both of your eyes closed. You could DPS this dungeon even if you were turning with the keyboard.

I find it helps to have backup entertainment in these situations. These days, I pay attention to the baby asleep on my chest. I used to chat with friends in Skype. I've even been known to write the occasional blog post in between pulls. I was constantly finding something (anything) I could do to keep me plugging away in the instance for just a little bit longer.

What about you? What do you do to keep yourself entertained while farming that heroic one more time?

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