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Swedish school has kids play Minecraft, turns out they like it


One school in Sweden added Minecraft to its curriculum for 13-year-old students in an effort to teach lessons of building in virtual worlds, city planning, environmental awareness, preparing for the future and completing goals. Also, hitting livestock with wooden swords.

The Minecraft lesson plan spawned from a Swedish competition called Future City, which asked for ideas on how to improve education. This school, Viktor Rydberg, liked the idea so much it made Minecraft compulsory, and so far "it's been a great success and we'll definitely do it again," Monica Ekman, a teacher at the school, said.

So far 180 students have used Minecraft as a learning tool, which Ekman compares to arts or woodcraft. "The boys knew a lot about it before we even started, but the girls were happy to create and build something too," Ekman said.

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