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Breakfast Topic: What do you play outside WoW?


The header may look like Mists of Pandaria, but it's not. That's actually a screenshot from the upcoming MMO Age of Wushu. It's rather pretty, and they've taken great pains to ensure it's as close to the realities of Chinese architecture as possible.

I'm using it as I'm wondering what people play outside WoW. Firstly, do you play anything at all? WoW is quite the all-consuming game, if you allow it to be, and I've certainly found over the years that it can take up all my gaming time quite comfortably. But, I do play other games outside WoW. Console games provide a welcome break from the PC, although I do focus my efforts mostly on PC gaming. I've recently resurrected my Xbox, and have been replaying The Darkness, and finding certain aspects of it just as annoying as I did the first time around!

Another older game I've recently rediscovered is Portal, and its sequel, Portal 2. I'd played the first one when it came out way back in 2007, and loved it, but the sequel had rather passed me by. Even though they really only take a few hours to play through, these two games are brilliant. I really hope a Portal 3 comes out!

But I'm wondering, what about you? Particularly, do you find space in your life for two MMOs? Or is the old adage that you only ever play one MMO true for you, like it is for me? I simply haven't the time for a second.

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