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Retail VP Jerry McDougal leaves Cupertino


For those playing the home version of Apple's Corporate Shuffle, you may recall that John Browett was shown the door last October, leaving Apple without a hand at the retail rudder during the holiday season. We have noted they are still looking, and one of the names bandied about was Jerry McDougal, the vice president of retail.

Well, as of today it's being reported that McDougal is off the list as well. According to ifoAppleStore, he has departed Cupertino as well, in order to (say it with me) spend more time with his family.

It is entirely possible this is the case, given the additional commitments likely required in the absence of a head of Apple retail. However, this has become a phrase that means any number of other things when someone departs an organization. See also: "creative differences."

Also reported by ifoAppleStore, some of his responsibilities were retail marketing and merchandising, as well as store operations and loss prevention.

So internal candidates are thinning, and there's still been no announcement or indication someone has been hired. Hopefully we will get an official statement from Apple about this during next week's earnings call.

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