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Wakfu changes North American publishing away from Square Enix

Shawn Schuster

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North American fans of the sandbox MMO Wakfu may be interested to hear that the game will be switching publishers in the West as announced in a press release earlier today.

Square Enix will be handing full responsibility and control of the game in North American markets over to the game's developer, Ankama Games, starting March 1, 2013. This control includes community management, customer support, promotion, sales, marketing, and all other live operation duties. All characters and progress will not be affected by the transition.

Our own Beau Hindman gave Wakfu his "The Bestest Ever" award for 2012 and the game has earned respect among many sandbox fans for its unique gameplay and mechanics. But recent layoffs at Square Enix had us all wondering how its MMO division would be affected. Despite claims to to the contrary less than a month ago, this is now a thing that is happening.

Be sure to read through the updated FAQ on Wakfu's website for more information.

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