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WiFi + cellular fourth-gen iPad and iPad mini arrive in China on January 18


The WiFi versions of Apple's tablets have already proven their selling capability in China, with the iPad mini in particular selling faster than supplies can be replenished. Tim Cook already teased that WiFi + cellular versions would hit China sometime this month, and it looks like January 18 is indeed the magic day. Cellular-capable versions of both the iPad mini and fourth-gen iPad with Retina will be offered at Apple retailers and on the web via the Apple Online Store.

With such a feeding frenzy on its hands, it's clear that Apple wants to do everything it can to satisfy demand for its wares in China, especially given the notorious counterfeit scene in the country. Launching the cellular models of the latest tablets in the country is definitely a wise move, and will likely help Apple's genuine goods grab and even better foothold.

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