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Guild Wars 2 will soon offer paid server transfers and guesting

Paid server transfers and the ability to "guest" to other servers have been in the cards for Guild Wars 2 for, like, ever. Well before launch, players knew that those would eventually be features of the game. Until today, though, we never knew precisely when they'd come about. ArenaNet's Martin Kerstein has given us the final word: Both features will be coming in with the January patch on the 28th. They're part of a series of improvements and updates the company plans to make throughout early 2013.

Guesting gives players the ability to join friends on other servers to participate in pretty much everything but World vs. World. Server transfers will cost an unknown number of gems and be limited to once every seven days, so make sure you're on your desired home server before the patch hits on the 28th. Head on over to the official announcement for a full guesting how-to.

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