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Blockbuster UK enters administration


Blockbuster UK has entered administration (UK bankruptcy), with 500 stores and 4,190 jobs hanging in the balance. ITV reports Deloitte, which is also handling the administration of HMV, has been appointed to handle the bankruptcy proceedings and find a buyer. The HMV situation involves 239 stores and 4350 jobs in the region.

Although neither HMV nor Blockbuster are wholly game retailers, these latest events push forward the idea that the ecosystem of UK brick-and-mortar video game retail is collapsing. GAME, the UK's biggest games retailer hasn't been immune, dealing with its own bout of bankruptcy. GameStop, a company that globally dominates game retail, removed itself from the physical UK market in early 2012.

Hope you like buying your physical games at Tesco. Then again, you can buy physical games online from online retailers. So, hope you like buying physical games physically at... oh, we give up.

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