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Final Fantasy All The Bravest hits iOS tomorrow


Final Fantasy All The Bravest is a chaotic, combat-focused RPG coming to iOS tomorrow, January 17, priced at $3.99. The New Zealand App Store description describes continuous fights with enemies based on the series' Active Time Battle staple, and as the trailer above shows these fights involve character-stuffed parties, with as many as 40 party members taking on enemies at once. It's a good thing attacking is simply done via taps or drags across multiple characters. Another twist comes via 'Fever,' an event that occurs once every three hours and, when activated, lets you attack without waiting for ATB gauges to fill.

All The Bravest features 20 progress-unlockable characters, all based on series jobs like Thief, Blue Mage, and Knight. There are a further 35 'Premium' series characters such as Cloud from FF7 available via in-app purchases, priced $0.99 each. In a cheeky move, each purchase provides you with a new character at random, meaning it might take more than a few goes if you're after a specific one. You can also purchase additional stages based on areas from Final Fantasy 7, 10, and 13, available as 'World Tickets' for $3.99.

All The Bravest features 30 songs from the series, most of which unsurprisingly are battle themes, as well as leaderboards and social networking options. We've reached out to Square Enix for further details on the game and its release in other regions.

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