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Patch 5.1 hotfixes for Jan. 14

Anne Stickney

Another round of hotfixes has been released according to the official site. The list this time around is pretty small, with just a few minor changes being addressed. However, the issue of hozen rares is a welcome resolution as far as I'm concerned. Especially if it means The Yowler will finally get out of that place he's managed to wedge himself into in the middle of his room on my realm.

January 14
  • Creatures
    • Various Hozen rare spawns can now be slain appropriately.
    • Kor'kron Flak Cannons will now appropriately deal damage to Alliance players over Dominance Point. Attacking the cannon will no longer flag players for PvP.
  • Quests
    • Fixed an issue where some players were unable obtain the quest "The Bell Speaks" to progress in the Shieldwall quest chain. Achievement credit for "In Search of Harmony" will be corrected in a future patch.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Players will no longer sometimes become stuck in the Battle for Gilneas.

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