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Trion answers your Defiance beta questions in new FAQ

MJ Guthrie

With the first Defiance beta event coming up this weekend, Trion Worlds has posted a FAQ on Facebook answering the top five questions players have been asking. For those who don't participate in the whole social media thing, we've condensed the information here for you.

Players can get in the beta two different ways -- either through an invite sent after signing up or with a beta code. Folks who received a beta code can redeem it on the site and await their email with the rest of the information. All details about the beta, including how to download it, will be sent via email; players should make sure that is on their safe list. Note that players who receive the beta invite do not need a beta code. The beta forums will be accessible only after beta access is confirmed by email.

Although the beta is for PC only this time around, future tests will be run on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. This testing weekend will run from January 18th through the 20th.

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