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CE-Oh no he didn't!: Google's Larry Page says Facebook does a 'really bad job'


It's no secret that Facebook and Google are in a war for the social web. Even so, there's been a certain sense of decorum involved -- up until a just-posted interview with Larry Page at Wired, at least. He acknowledges that Facebook is top dog in social, but is more than a little blunt in claiming that the online rival is doing a "really bad job" with its products (don't hold back now, Larry). While he doesn't say just what Facebook's flaws are, he sees the Bay Area rival as entirely assailable through a unique Google approach to the category, much as Google fought past other search engines roughly a decade ago. As for other competitors, Page is also dismissive, if more diplomatic: he doesn't see lawsuits dictating a company's fate, and questions "how well" all-out legal assaults work in practice. We're not expecting a direct retort from Mark Zuckerberg or anyone else, although the Facebook founder could easily contend that Graph Search speaks volumes on its own.

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