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'Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle' coming to America, includes year of PS Plus

Jordan Mallory

Canada's day-long monopoly on North America's "Classic White" PlayStation 3 stockpile is finally over, as Sony has announced the system will also be available in the United States on Sunday, January 27.

The "Classic White PS3 Instant Game Collection Bundle" mirror's Canada's offering by including a year of PlayStation Plus membership and a 500 gig hard drive for a $300 price tag. We're also assuming that "Classic White" means there was, at one point, an "Original White" PlayStation 3 that got replaced by "New White," which was probably wildly unpopular.

Conspiracy theorists claim this was all a clever marketing diversion while Sony replaced the PlayStation's cane sugar with high-fructose corn syrup, but those guys are crazy.

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