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New video shows off Kartuga's Mayan, Mediterranean, and Oriental locales

MJ Guthrie

While last month's video highlighted one of Kartuga's classes, the Destroyer, the latest trailer shows off the visual diversity of the upcoming action-MMO's three different kingdoms. Players will be able to battle each other while dodging among the architecture and landscapes of the Mediterranean-flavored Ithosia, the Mayan-inspired Kartu, and the Oriental-themed Empire of the Sun.

Within each locale are sectors divided into PvP or PvE mission areas. Kartuga will start with nine different sectors for players to explore. Philipp Arlt, game designer, stated, "We want to show that the wonderful world of pirates can be more diverse than what is out there now. Players can expect a lot of visual variety from Kartuga." Check out the stylings of the three kingdoms in the clip after the cut.

[Source: InnoGames press release]

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