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Patch 5.2 PTR: Wrathion's quest continues

Matt Low

The black dragon Wrathion has a new chapter for players to complete when patch 5.2 releases. The updated patch notes has revealed that in the new Throne of Thunder raid, Wrathion is going to charge players to infiltrate the palace. While we don't know exactly what tasks he'll want us to perform, it's bound to take some effort and skill involved.

What exactly are we going to get performing these random tasks for Wrathion? It has to be good since we're diving into another raid and challenging all these raid bosses.

The reward is a legendary quality metagem called Crown of the Heavens! It remains to be seen if this gem can fit into any socket or if, like the weapon counterpart, must be inserted into a Sha-Touched helmet. I can't help but wonder if the gems will have special or enhanced properties compared to the normal meta gems that we use. Here's hoping we'll be able to select a version of the gem which helps enhance our roles.

Stay tuned though as we expect to find out additional details on what Wrathion has in store!

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